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Many thanks to William for picking this up for me.

2-Disc Special Edition DVD

Lenticular slipcase

Collectible 64-page version of the original V for Vendetta graphic novel from Vertigo/DC Comics

While a nice collectible, the comic's font print is too damn hard to read, I'd highly recommend picking up the original to experience the true genius that is Alan Moore.


  1. pinto says:

    Ah, you got what I was eyeing. ;)

    Hmmm, a side note about your sidebar: a bit of a coincidence that your favourite team, brand and beer (and band, though I can cut you some slack for that) are all associated with liverpool. Heheh...

    What if Carlsberg sponsors... Everton one day? =P

  1. Hey, it's a given man. If you intend to do the same thing, do leave out your sponsor, cos you'll have millions of insurance agents hounding you.

    heh, derby week and you're posting potential inflamatory comments. :)

    The horror if those Beer Chang (still?) guys gets replaced by Carlsberg.

  1. pinto says:

    Yah, I wanted to say that I won't be taking up AIA insurance any time soon. Vodafone was irrelevant. (I can't stand Ferrari anyway.) Sharp, well, I there might have been a few Sharp items around the house (pun fully intended).

    So, did you use Crown paints? How about Candy? Or... what's with all the brands starting with 'C'?

  1. Heh, I can just imagine the agent pestering you, 'Just do it, sign a policy! Free Sharp Aquous and Vodaphone 2 year contract!'

    Eh honestly, I would buy a Candy washing machine if it was sold in Sg. Just for laughs.

    Came across a KO Hitachi LFC shirt on Sunday, was so damn tempted. But KOs a KO so better steer clear.

    My fridge is always stocked with that Danish brew, which is bitter as hell, but what the heck. Oh i just discovered on sat that it tastes great for breakfast!