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Transformers Cybertron Unicron by Hasbro

The official write up for this toy is as follows:

Many transformers still superstitiously toss a small handful of energon coins over one shoulder whenever his name is uttered, for the word itself means chaos and destruction.

Once an all-powerful eater of entire planets, he was destroyed decades ago by the Autobots. For too long he was trapped in the rusting hulk of his old body. Now, resurrected and redesigned as an unstoppable destroyer tank, he is not yet at full power, but soon all the universe will know him, and tremble.

(Translation: When trannies hear his name, they think, "Tosser". Too much time at the buffet lines meant that Unicron had to go for a lipo, or risk severe health problems. After which, he shrunk to 1/10 of his original size, but still harbours megalomanical delusions of grandeur.)

The tank mode is quite interesting but its quite sad how a hulking planet...

Energon 'toasty' version

Armada's robot form, top shelf, extreme right

... has been reduced to a common vehicle. How the mighty have fallen indeed.

He's a well articulated bot as Hasbro/Takara/Tomy are wont to give us these days and pulls off fun 'I'll punish you with my pincers' poses.

A fairly decent addition to any trannies collector's shelf, Unicron's a nice novelty item.