Medicom Real Action Heroes 12" Superman Returns Review

Posted: Thursday, August 24, 2006 by Shaun in Labels: , , , , ,

How does the latest entry into the arena of 1/6 Superman Returns products fare?

Initial preview pix of this figure had fans up in arms, with its proportion being totally outta whack, dodgy likeness and an overall subpar offering for a figure of this price point.

The package is simply designed and could very well be the only good thing going for this item.

Face sculpt

The likeness to Routh is, at best, on par with DC Direct's version.

He's pretty pissed, probably with his sculptors. Early fears of him having too much lipstick appear unfounded. Paint apps is even all round as it had better be for this high-end offering.

Though it must be noted that it is not as oversized as Hot Toys', the head looks to be an unsightly fit at the neck.

Body Sculpt

Even bodybuilders will find these proportions baffling. Think cup Gs with a 27" waist. How on earth did this sculpt come into existence and passed by quality control?

At least he doesn't come with the protruding lower abs which come with Hot Toys'


The articulation pretty much allows you to achieve the poses you want, double elbow and knee joints are always welcome, and the head is removable. Which technically means when you pick up Medicom's mail away Clark Kent and want him in a Clark to Supes pose, transferring his head and outfit to this figure should be a breeze. Here's hoping it really is.

If you figure out why he's sporting a turtleneck, pray enlighten.

Missing out on the details on his insignia is unforgiveable, considering Hot Toys, DC Direct and heck, even Mattel's didn't.

The material of the cape could be the only redeeming factor of this toy, with its pleather outer layer and different toned inner section.

While Hot Toys bothered, you won't be getting weathered boots here.

Money Shot
Ok, it is heartening that he stands at pretty much the same height as Hot Toys Superman, which means if you're gonna get Mail Away Clark Kent, they're not gonna look totally out of scale, if you're not too uptight about it.

With the exception of the cape, its really hard to justify this figure's place on your toy shelf. If you're in the market for a 1/6 scale Superman Returns figure, you would be better off looking at what DC Direct or Hot Toys has to offer.



  1. Laurens says:

    he looks like he's wearing a turtle neck!!! haha

  1. Dan says:

    Just stumbled on to you blog... love it! I'm trying to decide on a purchase between the Medicom and Hot Toys Routh Superman figures. The HT version looks great with the exception of the body (too skinny and like you said, weak abs). The negatives on the Medicom figure to me are the boots and that God awful turtleneck collar. In your pics, the colour looks a lot worst than in the product shots. I don't mind the meaner looking face and I love the buff Medicom body. Seeing as you have both figures, have you tried putting the HT head and costume over the Medicom body just to see how it would look? Thanks, and I'll keep on reading!