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DC Superheroes Series 3 - Batman Review

The latest wave of this line has recently hit our shores. This might very well be the fourth sculpt of Batman (Zipline, Attack Armour, Bat signal) from Mattel to date, but hey, who's counting. sgcollect members have sighted figures from these wave at Metro, Taka and Robinson's to date.

What i like about this figure

He's very much a rendition of Jim Lee's Hush Batman, with the facial features and physique being the obvious giveaways. The exaggerated comic proportions are very welcome for a Batman figure from Mattel, as they've previously offered (much) leaner versions of the Dark Knight.

His articulation pretty much allows you to pull off most of the poses you'd want. I was personally surprised with how well the figure can balance.

You get more batarangs than you could possibly imagine. There's a small groove in his left hand where you can try to fit the batarang in, at the risk of bending it.

What I don't like about this figure
I was never a fan of cut thighs and Mattel's hip articulation and still am not.

I'd personally prefer a cloth cape, but that's just me. Also, Mattel could've easily gotten away with with calling this series 'Batman: Blackwash', having used copious amounts of black paint to bring out details in this figure and more notably, Robin.

The Money Shot

Dump your Hush Batman and pick this up. More articulation, pretty decent sculpt, lower price point, it's a no-brainer really. DC Direct beware.