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Queen - Somebody To Love

My fave queen song


  1. “Somebody to Love” is like one of my favourite Queen songs ever!
    The Queen is dead, long live the Queen!!!!

  1. damn, you should've been there with me at the cover band concert. I was the only one standing up and shouting when THAT SONG came on.

  1. but that ain't real....

  1. he did a damn solid impression of freddie though. you could tell he'd been watching the 86' concerts again and again.

  1. but that's the thing - it's just an impersonation. You get an impression. The one thing about Freddy is that no two performances are exactly alike right? So you might as well be watching a live performance of something that was once recorded on tape....

    Which is why I am not minded to attend these things.

    There's one for Elvis also right?

    For the same reason, I am not attending the Elvis one too.

  1. HEY!!! Why don't you and I do a Somebody to Love video and post it on YOUTube too!?!?!

  1. Thing is, I'd been watching too many of Queen's videos on DVDs then, and the concert came along, so I thought I'd be a good idea to check it out. Pretty fantastic stuff. And cheap too, at $90 fro front row seats.

    I'm not gonna watch any elvis impersonators cos there are just too many out there.

  1. Remind me - was it Queen + Freddy impersonator or the whole group was impersonated?


    Did you know that my Freddy character is my tribute to Freddy Mercury?

  1. Whole group impersonated.


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