Posted: Saturday, June 03, 2006 by Shaun in Labels:

Superman's been questioned by the Comics Code Authority on why he looks so angry in his recent publicity shots.

"I've a really bad feeling about my new movie. I mean Brandon Routh does look a bit of a pansy to me. I'm wearing this look to remind people that Superman's a tough guy, not some wimpy runt."

"I mean look at him. Think he'd stand a chance against Doomsday? What do you meant this movie ain't about Doomsday. Routh ain't got powers? He's human? Great Rao!"

When questioned on whether he would assist Bruce Wayne's in locating the lost ring, he said brisquely, "My hands are tied on this matter. It would be like courting death."



  1. neoconvoy says:

    what took CCA so long to realise this...look at all the Superman toys...they are all close fists !!! ready to punch the lights out of any moffo...

    but Superman has realised that it's not the goody goody guys that get the's a bad attitude...look at Superman 3...if he didnt turn bad due to the bad krytonite, do you think he'll score ? he'll probably be wasting time saving some pussy (cat) from a tree for some old cow or brat...