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Superman/Batman: Series 2: The Return of Supergirl: Darkseid Action Figure

He's big, bad and undoubtably mad.

I've been collecting DC Direct's products pretty selectively, but seeing the actual product gave me reason enough to pick up this toy.

His main selling point?

Darkseid is simply massive!

Ok, enough yanking your chain. Here's how he measures up to Alex Ross's Superman.

Size-wise, this Darkseid beats the previous DC Direct version hands down.


As cited in DK's Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel.

Bio: Uxas, Son of Heggra
Occupation: Supreme Ruler
Base: Apokolips
Height: 7ft 6in Weight: 515lb
Eyes: Red Hair: None
First Appearance: Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (October 1971)


The sculpt's a real winner here, especially his face which personifies pure evil. Love that nasty pout! And you sure can imagine those toasty Omega beams just waiting to erupt from his eyes.

The craggly details on Darkseid's skin are very nicely pulled off, not too much, but enough to show the extended effects of living in Apokolips' atmosphere.


Having a colour composition of purple and grey can be pretty boring, Thankfully, grey wash is used to bring out the details on his skin. The usual slop occurs, which really shouldn't be the case for a figure of this price point.


His joints are as follows, ball-jointed neck, semi-ball jointed shoulders, elbows, thighs, and kness. Yup, that's about it.

It's a damn shame that his wrists do not rotate, which severely detracts from the playability of this figure.

This means his poses are limited to that of the "I'll get you next time, Superman" variety...

... Which gets pretty boring after you've explored most of the angles.


DC Direct's often been dissed for mucking up figures' scales, but this time, they've got it damn right.

Check out how this mountain of mayhem measures up to Superman's enemies.

L - R: DC Direct Cyborg Superman, Mattel Bizarro and DC Direct Doomsday.

Impressive no?

A fan boy's dream come true for future Superman movies.

Another one bites the dust!

Parting Shot

Need a villian for Superman? Settle for no less than the Ruler of Apokolips! While Mattel's announced Darkseid in its future waves, there's no telling what sort of scale it'll come in, given Doomsday's height and scale discrepancy. This figure's pretty heavy as well, which gives you quite a bang for your buck.