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According to Rev. Maynard,

Lois' son is Superman's.

On the Luthor's yacht, Lex notices the kid has a bad reaction to the Kryptonite he's planning on using on Supes. Then, while Lois is trying to get help, Lex's henchman is slapping her around and the kid burys him with a piano.

Now, Superman did sleep with Lois in Supes 2. Also, at that time, he didn't have his powers. Lois swears the kid is from James Marsters/cyclops, (you know who I'm talking about.) Lois lost her memory when Supes kissed her.

Which would mean, that Supes left right after part 2 on his journey. Then, she got with some guy and had a kid. Weird timing. She's supposed to be all heartbroken over Supes and she goes out and gets some.

So, apparently since the kid is a hybrid, (human/kryptonian) the powers are latent or something, which would explain how Lois was able to survive child berth. (Had the Brody "Kryptonite condom" scene in my head from Mallrats.)

Not sure why they threw this in, but I guess since they wanted to, it kinda fits.

So what d'ya think?

Other than Elseworlds stories, e.g., The Kingdom (I still cannot believe that someone who came up with something so brilliant could deliver this crap), I don't think Superman's kid been explored much in mainstream media. Lois & Clark almost tried, but the show got canned. (AND DAMN THE POWERS THAT BE WHO DID THAT.)

I say if you wanna screw with the mythology(Martha moving to Montana), might as well do it all the way.

Hey, it could be worse y'know.