DC Direct 13 Inch Superman Returns Deluxe Collector Figure Review

Posted: Friday, June 09, 2006 by Shaun in Labels: , ,

Truth be told, the preview pix made me have second thoughts about picking this piece up.


As it's always the case with DC Direct figures, you never know how's the packaging gonna turn out.

Front cover: A sketch of Brandon Routh flying at you. Which looks rather close to the package / box art that Mattel are using. Same artist perhaps?

Box Sides: Nice angle shot of the figure, DC Direct should've used this as the promo image.

Back: Here he is again, the actual product flying at you.

It's nice how shadows can make his face look less pudgy.

Interior: As with previous 13" offerings, the box flap is held in place by a velcro strip. I'd be great if DC Direct could use magnets instead of velcro, ala Sideshow.

Do note if you come across a piece with a slightly wonky S-shield, don't worry, you can actually adjust it as you please. Focus more on the paint job on the face. I've come across some with painted chipped off the nose. A definite no-no for a figure at a US$59.99 price point.


Likeness: I don't think they did a really good job nailing down Routh's likeness. It's just not quite there. From some angles, he even looks cross-eyed.

When compared to the previous 13" Superman figure, this figure's costume seems to be made up of sturdier material. The other figure's costume had a nice, smooth feel but was over-stretchable. Playing with it too much tended to get the costume out of shape.

From the preview pix, I was thrilled to learn that the cape was detachable. Could this mean that I could use Clark Kent's outfit on this figure? More on that later.

I was abit apprehensive that the cape's length wouldn't be at least past the figure's calves, which was my main grouse about the previous figure.

Also, the preview pix had been known to lie.

Thank goodness the cape turned out to be of a decent length, not ankle scraping but decent.

All hopes of using Clark Kent's clothes were dashed when I found out I wasn't getting getting a repeat of cloth boots with zippers.

The boots are made up of some rubbery material which look a hassle to remove and hell to replace, so I'd advice against trying.

Sculpt and Articulation
It's the same 13" body with 28 points of articulation.

I do like the proportion of this body sculpt, exagerrated lats, thunder thighs and all, but note that Mattel's 14" offering boasts 7 more points of articulation at a much lower price point.

Also, Brandon Routh doesn't quite have comic book proportions, so movie accuracy goes out of the window here.

Here's how he measures up against DC Direct 13" Clark Kent...

And the other Mattel offerings.

L - R: 14" Hyperposeable Superman Returns, 13" DC Direct Superman Returns, 5" Clark to Superman figure, 12" Ken Superman Returns.

This figure didn't wow me as much as the first Superman offering did, and the lack of a movie Clark Kent outfit played a huge part in that.

However, if you missed the first Superman and would like a decently articulated Superman Returns figure with cloth costume, you might want to give this a shot.

Superman fanboys... ah we'll buy this anyway.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Shaun !

    I'd like to know your opinion on the new version of the DC Direct 13" Superman Deluxe (with the new head).
    I have the old one (with Clark Kent clothes) and I really Like it... I wonder if I should also buy the new version... (I havent seen close pictures of the head)... Thanks a lot for your answer !

  1. Shaun says:

    Hi C.W., thanks for dropping a comment. I take it you're referring to this figure?

    I don't like the headsculpt that much, but the costume's quite good and has a long cape, unlike the first version. Worth a shot if you score him for a good price, but do watch out for the placement of his emblem, which can be too low or even misaligned. Hope the info helps. :)

  1. Anonymous says:

    ...Yep, that's the one ! Thanks, and sorry, I had not seen the link... It seems that they still got things to improve... :/


  1. Shaun says:

    you're welcome and no worries, C.W., glad the info helped.

  1. imranbecks says:

    Hi Shaun... I used to have this figure, but I sold it away when I bought the Hot Toys version ages ago.. Would you mind taking a nice high resolution photo of the "S" shield emblem? I remembered that the good thing abt this figure was that the "S" shield had the many tiny S's on it unlike the one from Hot Toys.... I'd love to see a nice high resolution photo of the S emblem so I can set it for my desktop.. You can email it to me at "imranbecks@yahoo.com". I hope its no trouble.. Let me know.. Thanks! I'm imranbecks at SGCollect in case u forgot who I was ;-)